Oliver Agee Jr.

Tile image

Current name: Oliver W. Agee Jr. M.S. .

Age when this tile was made: 9

Where did you live when you made this tile?

I lived off of Malvern Ave

Where else have you lived in Somerville?

That was the only placed I lived

Where do you live now?

My permanent home is Richmond, Virginia. I currently have an apartment in Virginia Beach, Virginia (where I was working for 3 years), now I also have an apartment in Harrisonburg, Virginia (where I'm currently working until Feb 2009)

Do you consider Somerville your hometown? Yes

What is your earliest Somerville memory?

My earliest memory of Somerville was me being in the hospital and coming home when I was four years old...I had a cyst growing on my collerbone. I remember the ride home and then looking in the mirror when I got home

How would you describe Somerville in the 1980s?

It was a close knit community...All of us kids enjoyed riding bikes and playing baseball in the streets. All of the parents watched over us at all times...We couldn't get away with anything or a parent would correct us.

How would you describe Somerville today?

I haven't been back to somerville in some time...I was quiet when I went back some 8 years ago. There was nobody outside like when we were growing up...there were kids everywhere.

How has Somerville changed?

I guess it has changed...not sure how much or what since I haven't been around in years